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The President of the 20Bet online casino2nd 20Bet online casino "Top Ten Outstanding Mother" meal of merits of merits 2006

The 3rd World Defense Peace Youth and Student Gala Commemorative Medal 1951

The Fourth World Cup Women's Football Championship Shanghai delegation signature football 1999

Fifth National Five Good Civilized Family Medal, Model Medal

The first batch of female 20bet live casino 20bet casino apptanks Zhang Xihe's first tank training base graduation certificate 、The preserved "Model Memorial Book"

Ding Aimei's work manual Modern

Ding Xuesong's China Overseas Exchange Association Honorary Certificate 2003

Badge in the Correspondent Department of the Northeast Military Region 1951

Land license issued by the Northeast People's 20bet casino login 20bet casino loginGovernment January 17, 1950

Fan Xu Litai's first Legislative Council Oath, Bauhinia Medal

The stethoscope used by Feng Lida、Hand Record Edition "The Constitution of the Communist Party of China"

Women's theme stamp Modern

Fu Datong and Ge Xiangyuan Marriage Certificate 1952

Judo World Championship won by Gao Fenglian 1987

The Ministry of Public 20bet casino app 20Bet online live casinoSecurity has collected the first -class meal of Martyr Yan Ting 1997

Gong Guifen's Xinjiang Provincial People's Government Military Region Command Hunan Recruitment Regiment Application Certificate on April 26, 1951