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Family Book Father's Father's Love Like Mountain -Fu Lei

Father's growth is important。Excellent father,You can use the towering father'20Bet online casinos love 20bet casino login to cultivate your child's firm character,Open the children's vast vision,Give the child a life -benefit life wealth。"Fu Lei Family Book" is a precious "gift" written by Fu Lei to his son Fu Cong。

In one of the letters,20bet live casino He told the child: I want to always,Make you alarm clock everywhere,Make noodle ‘loyal mirror’,Regardless of human beings,In terms of details of life,In terms of artistic 20bet casino logincultivation,20bet live casino In terms of playing posture ... Fu Lei runs through all the family's affection,It is good for the son to make a virtue、Artist with excellent personality。

Let's take a look together,20bet casino appSuch a 20Bet online live casino great translator、Critics、Educator,How is such a great father "refined"。

Fu Lei: 1 The teachings of the trembling heart (Zhang Xing edited,Chen Gellang read)

Fu Lei: 2 persistent translator (Zhang Xing edited,Chen Gellang read)

Fu Lei: 3 20bet casino app Learn to be the most important person (Zhang Xing compiled,Chen Gellang read)

Fu Lei: 4 books arrived at Wanjin (compiled by Zhang Xing, Chen Gelang read)