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Self -improved thunder hero -Du Fu Guo

Touched the 2018 Chinese Character Awards Ceremony,The appearance of Du Fuguo, a thunder hero,,Let the hundreds of millions of Chinese people tears in 20Bet online live casino 20bet casino appthe eyebrows。At this moment we feel more deeply,Our years are quiet,Because there are heroes walking forward with weight。

Thunderbolt scene on the border line,Facing danger,Du Fuguo came forward: "You go back,Let me come! "Six 20bet casino login 20Bet online live casinocharacters iron bone 字 字,Block the danger with the flesh,Even if you fall into the abyss。Lost eyes and arms,The dark moment in life is coming,His bite the Yaoguan Station stands more straight and upright,20Bet online live casino No hands and eyes,20bet casino appHe will use his voice to convey his belief to your comrades,Show the people's style to the people。

Under his influence,Brothers and sisters of the Angels and the Soldiers of the People's Practitioners,20bet live casino Persistence on the front 20Bet online casinoline and the front line of the border defense,Practicing "Iron Shoulder Dharma、The original intention and mission of blood -cast loyalty。

Du Fuguo: 1 You retreat,Let me come (Xu 20Bet online casino Deming compiled,Read the Long Army)

Du Fuguo: 2 20bet live casinoStand up bravely in life (Xu 20Bet online casino Deming compiled,Read the Long Army)

Du Fu Guo: 3 Different coordinates,The same letter (Xu 20Bet online casino Deming compiled,Read the Long Army)