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People like steel -Yang Jingyu

Anti -Japanese War period,Between Baishan Black Water in the Northeast 20Bet online live casinomy 20bet casino app country,There is a well -known、The "Northeast Anti -Japanese Coalition forces" that made the Japanese army be frightened。The Commander of the "Anti -Union" All Road Army,It is the famous 20bet casino login 20bet casino appanti -Japanese hero General Yang Jingyu。

Yang Jingyu led the heroic and tenacious Northeast Anti -Japanese Allied Forces,It is extremely harsh in the climate、Lin Haixueyuan, who lacks 20bet casino app 20Bet online casinomedicine and grain and medicine,Fighting blood with the Japanese invaders for many years,Let the Japanese invaders see the Chinese people's mighty and unyielding、perseverance、20Bet online 20bet casino app live casinoNutting Dead improper Nation's Nations and Great will。

Yang Jingyu: 1 The prestigious "Beard Uncle" (compiled by Xu Lu,Read the Long Army)

Yang Jingyu: 2 Yang Jingyu and "Junior 20Bet online 20Bet online live casino casinoIron Blood Team" (Xu Lu compiled,Read the Long Army)

Yang Jingyu: 3 birch bark and "Hedu Treasure" (Xu Lu edited,Read the Long Army)