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The "Show Book" of the true love -Zhao Yiman

Zhao Yiman,She is the "Red Gun White Horse" female political commissar of the "Red Gun White 20Bet online live casinoHorse" 20bet live casino who is rigling and raining the battlefield,Also the Northeast Anti -Japanese Allied Forces Ning Ning Ning Ning Death、Heroes of heroic righteousness。

Zhao Yiman wrote in the 20Bet online casinotestament 20bet casino login to his son Chen Yixian: "Mother can't educate you in thousands of words,Just use it to educate you。After you grow up an adult,I hope not to forget your mother sacrificed for the country。20bet casino login"From this 20bet casino app we saw Zhao Yiman for the motherland、Independence and freedom of the nation,Ning Death Unyielding、Although the firm belief of death is still glorious,I also saw a great mother's guilt 20Bet online casinofull 20Bet online casino of guilt、Expectation and blessing。

Zhao Yiman: 1 The heroine of the dead (Xu Lu compiled,Chen Gellang read)

Zhao Yiman: 2 The female political commissar of "Red Gun White Horse" (Xu Lu edited,Chen Gellang read)

Zhao Yiman: 3 The 20Bet online live casino "Demon Book" written before the righteousness (compiled by Xu Lu,Chen Gellang read)