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20bet live casinoLet 20bet casino login children grow freely — Ye Shengtao

Ye Shengtao and family (from the front row from the right: Ye Shengtao、Ye Zhimei; Railway Railway: Ye Zhicheng、Ye Zhishan)

Among the outstanding characters in China,"Ye Shengtao" is a shining name。

October 28, 1894,Ye Shengtao was born in 20bet live casinoSuzhou,20bet casino login Name Ye Shaojun,Word Bingchen,After changing the word Holy Tao。He is a famous writer、Educator、Literary publishers and social activists,Broadly created in a lifetime,Involved novels、Poetry、Drama、Fairy Tale、Prose、Comments and other aspects。

20Bet online casino1920s,Ye Shengtao 20bet casino app participated in the launch of the Literature Research Association,There is a pivotal position in the history of literature,It is known as one of the contemporary "language masters"。He is also the pioneer and founder of Chinese modern fairy tale creation,Published in 20bet casino app1923 published 20bet casino app my country's first fairy tale "Scarecrow"。He has edited or edited a variety of literature such as "Novel Monthly", "Middle School Students" and "Chinese Writers"、Chinese Education Publication,It is considered to be a flag character in the history of my country'20bet casino apps publishing。20bet casino login other,Ye Shengtao is also committed to Chinese education research,Constantly pioneering and innovation,Formed a comprehensive educational theory,Edit dozens of primary and secondary school Chinese teaching script,It is a generation of masters of modern Chinese education。

Ye Shengtao: 20Bet online casino 1 I love this world (Xu Deming compiled,Chen Gellang Read)

Ye Shengtao: 2 The more freedom, the more conscious (Xu Deming compiled,Chen Gellang Read)

Ye Shengtao: 3 Edit the secrets of the publishing family (Xu Deming edited,Chen Gellang Read)