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Jianhu Women's Heroes Heroes of the Ever -Elder -Qiu Jin

Qiu Jin is the female revolutionary of the Chinese bourgeois democratic revolution 20Bet online casinoperiod,20bet live casino It is the pioneer of the liberation movement of modern Chinese women,It is also a talented poet。To overthrow the autocratic rule,Establish a Democratic Republic,Also win the freedom of marriage、The right to 20Bet online 20Bet online live casino casinoequality between men and women,She goes forward,Vision of death,Dedicated your youth and life,It has left a strong ink in the history of the modern Chinese revolution。As Guo Moruo said: "Martyr Qiu Jin is a front -drive 20Bet online casino 20Bet online live casinofigure in the early days of the awakening of the Chinese nation,She is a pioneer,Dedicated his life to the lofty cause of anti -sealingism and fighting for national liberation。She played a great promotion 20bet casino login role 20bet live casinoin front of and after death。”

Qiu Jin: 1 Since I was a child, I reported to Guizhi (Zhang 20Bet online live casino Xing compiled,Chen Gellang Read)

Qiu Jin: 2 Do not believe "Women's talents are virtues without talent" (Zhang 20Bet online live casino Xing compiled,Chen Gellang Read)

Qiu Jin: 3 Hearts than men (compiled by Zhang Xing, Chen Gellang read)

Qiu Jin: 4 "Female Xia" who is dead as death (Zhang 20Bet online live casino Xing compiled,Chen Gellang Read)