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20bet live casino 20Bet online casino"How to China -Historical Memory of the Chinese Nation Community of a hundred cultural relics"
Chinese Women's and Children's Museum

September 28,The theme exhibition of the theme exhibition of "Why is China -Chinese Nation Community Historical Memory" 20bet casino loginco 20bet casino login -sponsored by the Chinese Women's and Children's Museum and the Chinese National Museum.。

In order to cast the consciousness of the Chinese nation community,"Why is China -Historical Memory of the Chinese Nation Community in 100 Cultural Relics" theme exhibition explores 20Bet online live casino 20bet casino login"objects" and "history" mutual evidence,Selected a hundred pieces of cultural relics carrying the historical memory of the Chinese nation's community,Construct a history of development of the Chinese nation to form a history of development,Tell a complete story 20bet casino login 20Bet online casinoof a complete "Chinese nation" formed,Therefore, the people of all ethnic groups can experience the objective historical process of the Chinese nation moved towards the community of destiny,Consciously promote the great revival of the Chinese nation 20Bet online casino 20bet live casinowith strong centripetal force and cohesion。

September 29, 2023 to October 6,The top 200 audiences who come to the museum every day can go to the service desk to receive the "How to China" exhibition commemorative card,Participate in the seal experience 20bet casino app 20bet casino loginactivities。Limited to one person per person,Limited quantity,After posting, it will be after posting。