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Chinese Women's and Children'20Bet online live casinos 20Bet online casino Museum "Family Story" "Growth" series animation series Season 3 Episode 5
Chinese Women's and Children's Museum

In order to thoroughly implement the party’s 20th spirit,Deepen Patriotism、Collectivism、Socialist Education,Promote the traditional Chinese virtue,Strengthen the construction 20Bet online casinoof 20Bet online casino family tutoring family style,Cultivation of newcomers in the era of rejuvenation of national rejuvenation,The Chinese Women's and Children's Museum launched the "Family Story" "Growth" series of animation third season,Continue to tell the story of heroes and children and families 20bet casino loginfor 20bet casino login women and children and families。Taste the strong family feelings in the movie viewing,Promote the lofty spiritual character,Deep emotions of the party love the party love the country and love socialism,Clame the soul with socialist core values。

The source of Chinese civilization 20Bet online live casino 20bet casino loginis far away。Over the present,In the great historical process of the Chinese nation,Chinese women work hard and wisdom、Brave and tenacity、Benevolence and Dedication for the Nation's Breeding、Cultural inheritance、Social development has made great contributions,20Bet online casino 20bet casino loginLeave a glorious footprint。This season's "Family Story Story" "Growth" story selects materials from the excellent Chinese culture,A total of 6 episodes of cartoons,5 minutes per episode。in the film,Little protagonist "Le Bao" and "Xibei" will cross ancient and modern,20bet live casino 20bet live casinoMrs. 冼、Princess Wencheng、Yodao、Qin Liangyu、Qiu Jin、Fan Jinshi and other figures meet,What did they see? What kind of experience will there be?

Let's follow "Lebao" and "Xibei" to go to this millennium.,Explore in the story of "Growth"!