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20Bet online casinoLecture Trailer

20bet casino app 2023 Beijing Museum Society Museum Exhibition Exhibition Senior Training Course will be held on November 9th (Thursday) at 2 pm on the Academic Lecture Hall of the Chinese Women's and Children's Museum。At that time,Professor Zheng Yan of the School of Art of Peking University 20bet live casinobrings you "Reading in Images: 20bet casino login Several Cases of Ancient Chinese Cultural Relics and Art"。

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Guest introduction:

Zheng Yan,Doctor of History。Former Deputy Director of the Shandong Provincial Museum,Professor of the 20Bet online casinoCentral Academy of Fine Arts、Library 20bet casino login curator and other posts。At present, professor of art history at the Academy of Art of Peking University,Washington National Art Museum Senior Visual Art Research Center guest senior researcher。

The main research direction is the history and archeology 20bet live casinoof the Han and Tang Dynasties。20bet casino login Main works include "Research on the Miles of the Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties," From Archeology to Art History of Fine Arts: Zheng Yan Self -selected "," Mask of the deceased: The Research on the Art of the Han Tang Tomb "," Beyond Life and Death: Ancient Chinese Tomb 20Bet online casinoArts "," Iron "的: Destruction 20Bet online live casino and Rebirth in Art History ", etc.,Combining "Anqiu Dongjiazhuang Han portrait stone tomb"" Shandong Buddhist History Trace: Shentong Temple、Dragon Tiger Tower and Little Dragon Tiger Tower "," Introduction to Chinese Art Archeology "," 庵 坊 坊、Text and Images ""History of Chinese Art", etc.,Hybrid collection and 20bet live casino popular reading materials "Chinese Emoticon: The Emoticon of the Ancient Chinese Seeing in Cultural Relics", "Seeing Beautiful: Cultural Relics and Characters", "Six Thousands of New Year: Story of Cultural Relics", etc.,Published more than 100 papers。