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20bet casino app2023 20Bet online casino Beijing Museum Society "Exhibition Exhibition Senior Training Course" Lesson 5 preview


20bet casino app2023 20Bet online casino Beijing Museum Society "Museum Exhibition Exhibition Senior Training Course" will be held at 2 pm on November 14th (Tuesday) at 2 pm。At that time,Associate Professor Single Yueying, the School of History of Beijing Normal University, brings you "How to tell a good story" 20bet casino loginfor 20Bet online casino the museum exhibition。

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Teacher Wang, 13261216090

Teacher Yu, 18611170783


Guest introduction:

Single Yueying,Graduated from Peking University Archaeological Expo College,2007-2009 was funded by the State Fund Commission to visit the Asian -African College of London。2001-2003 RenChina Merchants MuseumDirector and Planning Director of the curatorial department; 2004-2006、2012-2019 work at the National Museum of China,Director of the curator and nation and frontiers; from June 2020 to the present,Ren Deputy Director of the Department of Archeology and Arts at the School of History 20Bet online live casino 20bet live casinoof Beijing Normal University、Director of the provincial and ministerial scientific research platform "Silk Road and Frontier Archeology Research Center",Associate Professor,curator。

Once he hosted the planning "Five Stars Out Oriental List China -Hetian History and Cultural Display" 20Bet online live casino 20Bet online live casino(displayed for the History of the Hetian Museum,2020); "Qin and Han Civilization" (the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China、Hosted by the State Administration of Cultural Relics,2017); "China and the World -Shipping Ship and Trade Porcelain Exhibition of Maritime Silk Road"(for 20Bet online casino 20bet casino appthe Nanjing Museum General Museum、Ningbo Museum、Large -scale tour exhibition planned by the Shanghai Sailor Museum in China,2017-2018) and other exhibitions。