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2023 Beijing Museum Society "Museum Exhibition Exhibition Senior Training Course" Lecture 6


2023 Beijing Museum Society "Museum Exhibition Senior Training Course" will be held at 2 pm on November 21 (Tuesday) at 2 pm。At that time,China Architectural 20Bet online casinoDesign and Research Institute 20bet casino login Co., Ltd.、Academician Cui Kai of the Chinese Academy of Engineering brings you "Museum's Architecture and Exhibition"。

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Teacher Wang 13811128311


Guest introduction:

Cui Kai,architect,20bet casino loginMember of the Communist Party of 20bet casino login China。1984 Graduated from the Department of Architecture of Tianjin University,Get a master's degree。Master of the National Engineering Survey Design in 2000。In 2011, he was elected as an academician of the Chinese 20bet casino appAcademy of Engineering。The current chief architect 20Bet online live casino of China Architectural 20Bet online casinoDesign and Research Institute Co., Ltd.,Vice Chairman of the Chinese Society of Construction。The project and research project hosted by more than 200 professional design awards, including the first prize of the 20Bet online casinoNational Science Progress Award。Museum's architectural 20Bet online live casino design representative works are: Capital Museum、Anyang Yinxu Museum、Wuxi Hongshan Site Museum、Gansu Qin'an Dadi Bay Site Museum、Liaoning Huanren Five Girls Mountain Gajury Gazele Site Museum、Gansu 20Bet online casinoAnxi Suoyang City Site Museum、2019 China Beijing World 20Bet online casino Horticultural Expo China Pavilion、China Hangzhou Gang cuisine Museum, Beichuan Cultural Center, Hanmeilin Art Museum, etc.