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2023 Beijing Museum Society "Museum Exhibition Senior Training Course" Eighth Lecture Preview


2023 Beijing Museum Society "Museum Exhibition Exhibition 20bet live casinoAdvanced 20Bet online casino Training Course" will be held on December 12th (Tuesday) at 2 pm at the Academic Lecture Hall of the Chinese Women's and Children's Museum。At that time,Dean of Yungang Research Institute、Professor 20Bet online live casinoHang 20bet casino login Kan, a professor at the Peking University Archaeological Board College, brings you "Museum Exhibition Planning and Promotion"。

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Guest introduction:

Hangkan,In 1992, he was admitted to the Department of Archeology at Peking University (now Peking University Archaeological Bo Academy),Teacher study from Mr. Su Bai to study the historical 20Bet online casinoperiod 20Bet online casino of archeology,Get a doctorate in 1998。Institute of the Institute of Protection of Ancient Architecture in Henan Province、Shanghai Museum、Shanghai History Museum、Peking University、20bet casino appWork of 20bet live casino Shanxi University,The current Dean of Yungang Research Institute、Professor of Archeology and Cultural Expo College of Peking University。