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Yi Yiqin: Keep in mind General Secretary 20Bet online casino 20bet casino loginXi Jinping's important instructions to promote the high -quality development of women and children's cause
Chinese Women's and Children's Museum

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Keep in mind General Secretary 20Bet online casino 20bet casino loginXi Jinping's important entrustment

Promote the high -quality development of women and children's cause

State Councilor、The chairman of the National Women's Federation, Wei Yiqin, recently emphasized when investigating the Women's Federation in Fujian Province,Keep in mind that General Secretary Xi Jinping and members of the new leadership team of the National Women's Federation collectively talks about the collective conversation,In -depth 20Bet online live casinostudy 20bet casino app and implementation of General Secretary 20Bet online casino 20bet casino loginXi Jinping's important exposition on the work of women's children and women's federations,Tightly focusing on the development of the work of the party and the state center,Promote the development of women and children's causes to continuously achieve new results。


2nd to 3rd,谌 琴 琴,On -site survey women's children's activity center、Women's Federation Housekeeping Service Center and Legal Service Center,Deeper 20Bet online live casinointo rural and communities,20bet casino app Understand the reform of the Grassroots Women's Federation、The protection of housekeeping services and the protection of women's children's rights and interests,Viewing the most beautiful volunteer、The most beautiful family,Blessings of the New Year。She pointed out,WantPractice the party's leadership throughout the entire process of the Women's Federation,Leading the party with the heart of the heart as the starting 20Bet online live casinopoint,Guide the majority of 20Bet online live casino women to unswervingly listen to the party、Go with the party。


WantConcentrate to grasp the situation that makes the majority of women and families feel good about things,Create a sounded housekeeping service brand,Continue to promote the construction of family tutoring and family style,Do a good job、Learning and difficult children's pairing care service,Making rights protection services in normal、Grasp in frequent、Fall to the grassroots,Effectively guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of women and children、Promoting equality between men and women and the comprehensive development of women and children。


谌 Yiqin emphasized,WantStrengthen and improve the construction of the Women's Federation Organization,Gathering for shortcomings、Strong and weak items、Basis,Promote the development of the Women's Federation in depth,Comprehensive strengthening ability and style construction,Let the grassroots women's federation work stronger、Live,Create a warm home trustworthy for women and the masses。

Secretary of the Party Group of the National Women's Federation、Vice Chairman、The first secretary of the Secretariat Huang Xiaowei participated in the survey。

Text/Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency

Picture/National Women's Federation Propaganda Department