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Spring Festival Special Exhibition
Chinese Women's and Children's Museum


"Dragon Travel China -Jiachen Dragon Dragon Driven Cultural Relics Federation Exhibition" recently launched in the first floor of the Chinese Women's and Children's Museum。This exhibition is by the Chinese Women's and Children's Museum with China Cultural Relics 20bet casino appNews Agency、20bet casino app Zodiac Culture Communication alliances more than 60 Wenbo institutions jointly organized,Select hundreds of themes of Xianglong theme cultural relics and artworks,At the same time, more than 200 "Dragon" theme children's art works were displayed at the same time。

Chinese people take dragons as their ancestors,Wei Long is Zun。As fictional gods in myths and legends,Mysterious、Gang Jian、Wisdom、The distinguished image exists in the hearts of every Chinese,Become an incarnation of auspicious Tongtian。

Zodiac Zodiac 20bet live casinohas been 20bet casino login regarded as praying for peace since ancient times、Auspicious symbol,Each zodiac is rich in meaning and legend。Dragon,As the only fictional gods in the zodiac zodiac,It gathers the wildness of the beast on its body、Human understanding and God's spirituality。For each Yanhuang descendant,Like the Yellow River and the Yangtze River,Is a symbol、A sense of mind、A flesh -and -blood emotion,It is a spiritual bond connecting the global Chinese。

The exhibition is divided into two parts,The first part is the 20Bet online casinozodiac 20bet casino app picture exhibition,The second part is the display of children's "Dragon" theme art works。Gives greater value for the exhibition resources of the Museum of Museum,This exhibition invited Beijing Lingshukou Primary School、Xidan Elementary School、Blue Sky Kindergarten and Henan Women's and Children's Center to conduct in -depth cooperation,Topic zodiac culture as the theme,Taking the dragon element cultural relic as the carrier,Fair the special practice courses of the school for children,Guide children to recognize 20Bet online live casinothe 20bet casino login zodiac culture and Chinese history,and draw inspiration from related cultural relics for artistic creation。The children's works on display include watercolor painting、Ancient paintings、Ceramic、relief、Paper carving、Tong print、Device、Shadow Shadow,The image portrayed the dragon image with different shapes in the minds of children,Make Chinese excellent traditional culture of Chinese root in children's hearts。


The exhibition specifically sets up the interactive space of the "Dragon Find Little Theater" 20bet 20bet live casino live casinofor young audiences,Children can watch related videos,Participate in drawing dragon pattern puzzles and other activities。The exhibition not only provides children with the knowledge of zodiac culture,More fun to children’s winter vacation。

Write the Fortune Spring Federation、Dragon Seal Pickings、Handmade origami、Fun lantern riddles ... During the Spring Festival,The Chinese Women's and Children's Museum will host the "Museum's Great New Year's Dragon Dragon and Blessing to Welcome the New Year" activity。The museum will also invite non -genetic 20bet casino app 20Bet online live casinoinheritors and children's art handmade teachers,Organize "Traditional Handicraft Skills Classroom"。The audience will participate in the deep heritage of Chinese excellent traditional culture in the interaction,Feel the festive atmosphere of reunion and festive festivals,Explore the unique charm of traditional non -heritage。

Chinese Women's and Children's Museum Wish everyone in the new year:

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