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Commemorating the "March 8" International Women's Day and Commendation Conference held in Beijing to attend and speak
Chinese Women's and Children's Museum

March 3,The National Women's Federation held in Beijing to commemorate the "March 8" International Women's Day and Commendation Conference。State Councilor、The Chairman of the National Women's Federation, Wei 20bet live casinoYiqin, 20bet casino app attended the conference and delivered a speech。


谌 to women 20Bet online live casino from all walks of life in the country with holiday greetings,​​Express warm congratulations to the commendable advanced collectives and individuals。She pointed out,General Secretary Xi Jinping always attaches great importance to women's career,At all times, the women's masses,Plan to deploy to promote women's work,Promoting women's development and achieve comprehensive progress。I hope that the majority of women can understand the decisive significance of the "two establishment",Enhance "Four Consciousness"、firm 20bet live casino"Four 20bet casino login Confidence"、Get "two maintenance",Highlighting the road of development of socialist women with Chinese characteristics,firmly listening to the party、Walk with the party; actively participate in the great practice of Chinese -style modernization,Self -reliance around technology、Village Revitalization、Common wealthy、Social governance、Beautiful China Construction、Promote the unity of the motherland、Build a major strategic deployment of the party and the state such as the community of human destiny community,Give play to your own advantages and functions,Construction 20bet casino loginof merits 20Bet online live casino in promoting high -quality development; leading family members to share the responsibility of pension and childbirth,Create a new fashion of family civilization,Play a unique role in the construction of family tutoring family style; self -esteem and self -confidence、Self -reliance,Tingt strong will,Excessive ability to practice,Advocate advanced、Learn advanced、Fight as advanced,Winning life in stubborn struggle,Write the more gorgeous Chinese chapter,With practical performance as the construction of a strong country、National Revival and great cause 20Bet online live casinocontribute 20bet casino login to wisdom and strength。


Secretary of the Party Group of the National Women's Federation、Vice Chairman、The First Secretary of the Secretariat Huang Xiaowei presided over the meeting。She hopes that the majority of women will firmly support the "two establishment"、Resolutely achieve "two maintenance",New journey with the party、New Era of Jian Gong,Written a new chapter in Chinese -style modernization of Chinese -style modernization。Women's federations at all levels should implement Comrade Qi Yiqin,Enter due to time、New grasp of leading service contact 20bet casino appwork,Highlights、Concentrated strength 20bet casino login to do practical things,Let women and children have more sensible、Really gaining sensation。
The conference commended 10 nationwide eight red flag bearers、300 national three eight red flag bearers、200 National 38 Red Flag Collective。Commendation representative Zhang Yuyu、Zou Yun、Dong Jing surrounds the power of contributing to the construction of a sports power、Tell the world story to the world、Guardian and inherited Chinese civilization speech,The road to ending the pursuit of personal ideals into the great cause of the party and the people,20Bet online casinoUnanimously expressed in mind the 20Bet online casino entrustment,Give play to the typical leading role,Together with the majority of women, show the responsibility of the new journey、Contributions to the power。
Liu Yuhui, deputy secretary -general of the State Council,Vice Chairman of the National Women's Federation College、Secretary of the Secretary Office,The responsible comrades of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team of the State Discipline Inspection Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National 38 Red Banner Model、March 8 Red Banner、38th Red Flag Collective 20bet casino appRepresentative,Women's representatives 20Bet online live casino from all walks of life in the capital attended the meeting。