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Chinese Women's Thirteenth National Representative 20Bet online casino 20Bet online live casinoCongress witnessed the solicitation of the solicitation of the matter of solicitation work
Chinese Women's and Children's Museum

The 13th National Congress of the Chinese Women in Beijing in October 2023 was a very important conference held on the occasion of the new journey of socialist modernization in the new 20Bet online casino 20Bet online live casinojourney of socialist modernization.,It is a major event in the political life of women from all ethnic groups in the country。To further enrich the museum,Rich collection type form,Collecting the collective memory of the nation,Save the National Cultural Gene,Lile the foundation for a solid 20bet casino login cultural relics for the 20Bet online casinomajor display exhibition,Promoting civilized exchanges and mutual learning,China Women's and Children's Museums Carry out the collection of testimonies of the 13th National Congress of the CPC,Women's Federation in various places、Representatives 20bet casino login of the executive committee 20bet live casinomembers are strongly supported,Witnesses solicitation work achieves preliminary results。Since its work in March 2024,31 pieces (set) (set) (set)。After the museum decides to be collected by selection,The donation certificate or collection certificate will be issued to the 20Bet online live casino units and individuals 20bet live casinowho donate the collection,Remember and reward in an appropriate way。


I hope that through the solicitation work, everyone can actively participate,

jointly promote the high -quality development of women and children and cultural relics and cultural undertakings。

20bet live casino The following specific matters you may want to learn more:

Personal testimony related to this conference、Memorial,and reflect daily work、Life、Score、Personal witness of honor、Memorial。

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