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"People's Daily" publishes the signature article of the National Women's Federation Party Group: Keep in mind that General Secretary Xi Jinping's instructions to consolidate the power of children to promote the comprehensive development of children's healthy growth
Chinese Women's and Children's Museum

The Party Group of the National Women's Federation of the Communist Party of China published an article in the "People's Daily" on June 1, 2024, "Remember General Secretary Xi Jinping's instructions to consolidate the whole society forces to promote the healthy growth of children's healthy growth"。


Keep in mind General Secretary Xi Jinping's instructions to consolidate the whole society forces to promote the comprehensive development of children's healthy growth

The Party Group of the National Women's Federation of the Communist Party of China

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,General Secretary Xi Jinping has a successor based on the party and the country's career、The strategic height of the sustainable development of the Chinese nation,Published a series of important speeches to the development of children in the new era,Make a series of important instructions instructions。May 31, 2022,On the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Children's Center,General Secretary Xi Jinping's letter of letter congratulations,I hope that the Chinese Children's Center will promote the glorious tradition,Unite children workers,Guidelines for children's growth、The guardian of children's rights and interests、Children's future dream builders,Promote the healthy growth of children with heart and affection、Comprehensive development。We must keep in mind General Secretary Xi Jinping's entrustment,With Lideshu as the fundamental task,I thought the party was educated、It is the fundamental goal for national education,It is an important mission to serve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,Strengthen responsibility,Promote the high -quality development of children's cause in the new era,Make new and greater contributions to cultivating socialist builders and successors。

a、Persist in using Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics to lead 20bet casino 20Bet online live casino app the development of children's cause

Making children better is always the warmest concern in General Secretary Xi Jinping。A series of important expositions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on 20bet casino 20Bet online live casino app the development of children's careers in the new era,Direction of the development path of socialist children with Chinese characteristics,Deeply answered who cultivates、How to cultivate people、Who trains the fundamental question and other fundamental questions,It is an important part of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,It provides us with a good follow -up of children's work in the new era。

Deep grasp of the major profound significance of doing a good job in children's work in the new era。Construction of a strong country、National rejuvenation needs to cultivate generations and generations in the construction of socialist modernization、The material of the beam that can be responsible for。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,"Contemporary Chinese children are both experienceders who have achieved the first century -old goal、Witcher,It even achieved the second century -old struggle target、Shengli forces to build a socialist modern power country "" Cultivating children and children is a strategic task,It is related to the long -term "" Persist in educating people for the party、For the talents of national education "," Education guides hundreds of millions of children and children to prepare for the Chinese dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation "。These important discussions deeply explain the essential requirements of the development path of socialist children with Chinese characteristics。Do a good job of children's work at the new journey,It is necessary to stand at the height of the fundamental plan for the successful successor,Education guides children to listen to the party since childhood、Go with the party,Efforts to grow into newcomers in the era when they can be able to take on national rejuvenation,Make sure the correct political direction of 20bet casino 20Bet online live casino app the development of children's cause。

Deeply grasp the connotation requirements of children's work in the new era。Good children in the new era、What are the good children needed by the motherland and the people? General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,"Chinese children in the new era should have ambitions、There is a dream,Love Learning、Love Labor,Understand Thanksgiving、Understanding friendly,Dare to innovate、Dare to fight,Good children with comprehensive development of morality, intellectual, physical and labor "" Guide children to cultivate and practice the core values ​​of socialism from an early age "" I hope you are with a grateful heart,Cherish time,Strive hard,Do the country in 20bet live casino the future、For the people、20bet live casino People with useful society "。These important discussions are full of earnest expectations,Direction for the growth of children in the new era。Do a good job of children's work at the new journey,It is necessary to take the education of ideals and beliefs as the core,Nourishing with moral quality as the key,Focusing on the improvement of comprehensive literacy,Promote the healthy growth of children、Comprehensive development。

Deeply grasp the way to do the work of children in the new era。Children's training is a systematic engineering,Need to work together for home schools。General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly request,"School、Family、Society to cooperate closely、Exercies of the same direction "" The majority of families must be repeated、Re -teaching,Teaching Knowledge、Education moral,Physical Division、Ear Eye Dye,Help children buckle the first buckle in life,The first step of Life's Life "" The responsibility of the whole society must bear the growth of young people's growth "" party committees and governments at all levels、All sectors of society must pay attention to cultivating the future、Create the future work,Care about love and care for children,Pay attention to supporting the work of the young pioneer,Do practical things for children,Let children grow better "。These important expositions are both ideological leadership,Also method guidance。Do a good job of children's work at the new journey,It is necessary to build a party committee leader、Department Cooperation、Family Responsibility、The full -scale educating pattern of social participation,Vigorously create care and support in all aspects of the whole society、A good atmosphere of collaborative education。

Deeply grasp the mission of the Women's Federation in the New Era。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,"Family harmony、Home style、Home style,Children can grow up healthy,Society can develop healthy "" Do a good job of family work,Give play to the unique role of women in social life and family life,is the overall situation of the Women's Federation's organization、Important Points to Serving Women "" Find the Incetence Point of Lili Tree in Family Work "" Cooperate with relevant departments to do a good job of mobile children、Caring Service of Left -State Children "。These important discussions put forward new higher requirements for the launch of children's work for the Women's Federation。On the new journey,Women's federations at all levels must keep in mind that General Secretary Xi Jinping's entrustment,Taking the 20bet casino login work of children as the overall 20bet casino login situation of serving the party and the state、Important efforts to fulfill the function of leading service and connection,Deepen the "Family Happiness and Ankang Project",Implement "Family Service Action",Integrate to promote high -quality development of women and children and family work。

2、Continue to promote General Secretary Xi Jinping He Xin's spirit to implement it carefully in the Women's Federation's work

General Secretary Xi Jinping clarified the political positioning and work goals of the Chinese Children's Center in He Xin,Emphasized political tasks of the Women's Federation Organization。my country has more than 490 million families、298 million children。Women's federations at all levels must focus on the leadership of family education、Rights protection and care and guardianship、Home and School Social Association,For a long time with the heart with heart,Be a good child to lead the guardian to build a dream person。

1 To persist in casting the soul,Be a good child to grow.。Children are in a critical period of values ​​formation and establishment,Based on family education and off -campus education,Use all kinds of resource carriers,Practitions on the cultivation of good ideas and good products,Building the mental cornerstone of the healthy growth of children。To strengthen the guidance of family style and family education。Continue to deepen the finding "the most beautiful family" activity,Extensive cultivation of patriotism and love、Science Children、Family Dedication and other types of families,Vividly talk about promoting Chinese and American virtues、Inheritance Red Gene、The touching story of practicing the core values ​​of socialism; solidly carry out the guidance of family education guidance,Create well, make good use of online and next parent school,Create a family education course system for the full life cycle,Holding various parents classroom、Parents Lecture、Parent -child activities, etc.,Guide parents to fulfill the main responsibility,Help children buckle the first buckle in life。To highlight practical activities。Give full play to children's home、Children's Activity Center and other off -campus position advantages,Organize the "Children's Hearts to the Party", "There is a motherland in the hearts and other people in the hearts", "Hundred Palace Museums and Museums and Children Tells Red Story" and other colorful theme activities,Let children 20Bet online casino care for the country's feelings 20Bet online casino in the event experience、Establish a great ambition、Cultivate a beautiful heart。To play a role model for demonstration。Carry out to heroes、advanced character learning activities,Actively choose a small role model around you,Guide children to strive to learn and practice the core values ​​of socialist core values。

Second, adhere to children's priority,Be a good guardian of children's rights and interests。Promote the whole society to actively practice children's priority and child friendship concepts,Increase care of care,Weaving Child Protection Network。To further strengthen protection in accordance with the law。Promote the implementation of the Protection Law of the Minor、Prevention of Minor Crime Law、Laws of Family Education Promotion Law and other laws and regulations,Implementation of the Outline of the Development of Chinese Children,Joint relevant departments severely crack down on various types of illegal crimes against children,Promote the key difficulties of solving the key difficulties in the field of child protection,At the same time, strengthen the prevention work of criminal crimes,Organize the promotion and display of the "Big Power and Youth Leading Love Home",Guide the usage of laws and laws in the law of the majority of children。To further care for love。Deepen the caring mother's pairing care,Do a solid "Spring Bud Plan -Dream Future" action to improve promotion work,Coordinated project resources such as "Love Warm Wanjia", "Sunshine Station", "Moss Flowers Bloom" and other project resources,Normalization of children's care service activities during the winter and summer vacations,Practice the work of left -behind children and children with care of care service; intensity to increase security publicity and education online and offline,Push on anti -drowning、Preventive Dharma damage、Anti -network obsessed with children's safety small sac,Help parents and children to improve the awareness of prevention。To further promote early protection。Incorporate the childcare service into the construction of children's friendly cities and the "two outline" demonstration creation,Promote the early childcare service mode of "Love at the beginning" project,Promote the kindergarten that belongs to condition、Children's Activity Center opens a Tuo class,Help reduce the burden on family breeding,Help the new fertility policy effectively implemented。

Third, we 20Bet online live casino must persist in five education,Be a good child to build 20Bet online casino a dream in the future。Promote the healthy growth of children,Take Lide、Qizhi、fitness、Shangmei、Lehu through the whole process,Lay the foundation for the comprehensive development of children。To help improve children's comprehensive literacy。Focus on mental literacy、health literacy、Scientific literacy、Aesthetic literacy、Labor literacy、International literacy,Make full use of the scientific research of the Chinese Children's Center、Teachers、Platform and other advantages,Actively develop and build a "big country youth" comprehensive literacy cultivation course system,Optimized and innovated with off -school education courses to promote the improvement of the quality of promoting people。It is necessary to continuously enrich the spiritual world of children。Take children's interest as the starting point,Use children to hear and see、A sense of understanding,Carefully organized popular science education such as "Book Fragrance Flowers" and "Popular Science Entering Wanjia"、Parent -child reading、Cultural Entertainment、Labor practice activities,Cultivate children to develop love for labor since childhood、Cherish food、Parents' concerns、Good habit of advocating science。To promote the healthy development of children's physical and mental health。Children's myopia、Ultra -heavy obesity、Dalvation mobile phone network、Mental health and other problems,Social Follow、Parents' concerns。We must continue to deepen family education guidance,Send scientific family education knowledge to parents and children,Strengthen the main responsibility of parents,Help parents improve scientific parenting ability,Drive the majority of children to develop a civilized and healthy lifestyle,Showing vibrant spiritual style,A new era of good children in the new era of comprehensive development of morality, intellectual, physical and labor。

3、Gathering the whole society forces to promote the comprehensive development of children's healthy growth

Let children grow up healthily,Relational motherland and the future of the nation,It is also the biggest wish and expectation of every family。Under the leadership of the party,Tightly reliance on and widely mobilize all aspects,Create favorable conditions for children's growth。

One must play the working mechanism。Further use the office of the government women's and children's work committee、Coordination、Guidance、Supervise function,Promote the introduction of legal policies、When providing public services, 20Bet online casino preferential considerations of children'20bet live casino s interests and development needs,Coordinated promotion of children's friendly cities and friendly communities,Create a more secure and comfortable social environment for children's growth。Relying on the Central Propaganda Department、Central Civilization Office、The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection、Middle Group、National Supervision Commission、Ministry of Education、The Lien Working Mechanism of Family Tutoring Family Style Construction of 7 departments such as the Women's Federation of the National Women's Federation,Dowating family tutoring family style construction in the cultivation of the newcomer、Promote the excellent family style、Strengthen the important role in grassroots social governance,Help to solve the worry of parents' general concern, troubles, trouble,Further optimize the family environment of children's growth。

Second, we must unify social resources。Give play to the role of the leading role of the Chinese Children's Center,Liech Junior Palace、Science and Technology Museum、Museum and other resources,Gathering teacher、"Five Old" team、Social workers and other love forces,Build an open type、Socialized educating people,Commonly supports service children's development。Give play to the role of various academic groups such as the Chinese Family Education Society,Research on the theory and practice of children's work theory,Promoting effective transformation of academic results,Provide intellectual support for children's work innovation and development。Vigorously cultivate social organizations,Attract more professional forces to serve children's development、Carrying out family education、Provide family services,Co -responsibility for training children。

Third, create a good care atmosphere。Make full use of Rong Media Platform,Broadly promotes the concept of children with priority and child friendship,Propaganda shows the development of children in the new era and the achievements of children's career,Vigorously promote patriotism and love、Love each other love、Relieving upward、new and shared socialist family civilization new fashion,Mobilize the majority of children workers at the same time、Various volunteers,Provide care and assistance for children in the left -behind dilemma,Let every child living in a socialist family has light、Dreams in my heart、There are roads under your feet,Slocked the builder and successor of socialist modernization,20bet casino login Preparation for the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation 20Bet online casino of the Chinese nation。

Source/People's Daily