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Introduction to the Chinese Women's and Children's Museum

The museum is located on the north side of the main line of Chang'an Street, Beijing,The construction area is about 35,000 square meters。

As a museum with the theme of women and children,Chinese Women's and Children's Museum with collection、Exhibition and study women and children's cultural relics,Promoting the development of women and children's cause and 20bet casino app 20Bet online casinoserving the majority of women and children。Current,The museum has collected more than 19,000 pieces of various collections (sets)。The first phase of the exhibition is related to the production and life of women and children、The most characteristic physical object of women and children、Picture、Cultural and artistic works。

Rich cultural relics and comprehensive display exhibitions,Reflecting the survival status of Chinese women and children in various historical periods、change of status、Cultural customs、Outstanding figures and social contributions,Establishing a 5,000 -year history,Involved in the economy、Politics、Military、Culture、Education、Technology、20Bet online casino 20bet casino loginHealth、Women and children's society and family life in various fields of sports。Female audiences of Chinese women and children who want to know about historical changes、Young audience and audiences from all walks of life,The Chinese Women's and Children's Museum is the encyclopedia; for women and children workers and people who care about women and children,Chinese Women's and Children's Museum is studying the past、Grasp today、Explore the future database of the development of women and children's cause; professionals and researchers in all aspects,From the perspective of the Chinese Women's and Children's Museum and women and children,Get new revelation、Get a new discovery。

Museum's architectural shape is beautiful,Dynamic fashion。Wave curve outline at 20Bet online live casino 20bet casino loginthe top of the building,A symbol of women's soft and versatile。The color of the building is based on white metal boards,With light gray glass,Show elegance、Pure temperament。

Exhibition Design and Museum's main building overall style is harmonious and unified,Breaking through the traditional、Boring exhibition mode,Use the display board display、Cultural Relics Exhibition Chen、sand table model、Phantom imaging、Virtual reality image、Digital Video、imitation experience、Hand -in、Traditional games and other forms of various forms and means,Create different types of display atmosphere,Give the audience an experiential visit experience,With formal 20bet casino app 20bet live casinoaffinity、Fun、Interactivity,To achieve elegance and customs。

Advanced museum facilities,Comfortable and elegant environment。The temperature and humidity control system in the museum、Space sound absorption system、Safety Technical Prevention System、Fire monitoring and automatic fire extinguishing system、Building automation system、Audio lighting linkage control system、Information control system、Environmental protection and energy -saving technical facilities are perfect; lobby、Multi -function hall、Audiovisual Hall、Maternal and baby rooms and other functions are complete,Provided a relaxation to the visitors、Convenient、Safe tour、Learning、Leisure places。

The Chinese Women's and Children's Museum belongs to the National Women's Federation。Construction of the Chinese Women's and Children's Museum,It is a major event to promote the development of women and children in my country,It is the common wish of the older generation of revolutionaries and generations of women and children workers。In the process of building the Chinese Women's and Children's Museum,The National Women's Federation gets the Women's Federation at all levels、Great support of women's organizations and social aspects,Effective attempts for social construction museums。Part of the funds of the building depends on the government's support,Most of the Foundation of the Women's Federation raised funds to the society; 20bet live casinothe 20bet live casino collection of cultural relics and collections of museums get the party and government departments、Each literary units、Support of all agencies and people from all walks of life in the People's Liberation Army。

The completion of the Chinese Women's and Children's Museum reflects the attention of the party and the government and all walks of life to the cause of women and children from all walks of life、Follow and support,It is a sign of the rapid development of women and children in socialism with Chinese characteristics。We will strive to build an internationalization、Modernization、Specialized Museum,To inherit the excellent culture of the nation、Promoting social harmony and progress made positive contributions。