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20Bet online casino 20bet live casinoInternational Friendship Museum

The 20Bet online casino 20bet live casinoInternational Friendship Museum shows Chinese women to maintain world peace、Promoting common development,Pushing the extensive activities carried out by the equality of men and women and positive contributions made。

October 29, 1964,Chairman Mao 20bet casino app 20Bet online live casinoZedong met at the Southwest African Women's delegation from the Great Hall of the People in Beijing

December 1949,The Chairman of the National Women's Federation Cai Chang and the Chairman of the International Democratic Women's Federation Mrs. Gordon entered the Beijing Asian Women's Conference venue

September 2002,State Councilor Wu Yi meets the visiting King of Barin, Sai Bikai Alehalfa

1994,Women's and Children's Projects implemented by the National Women's Federation won the Morris Pitter Award for the United Nations Children's Foundation

September 4, 1995,The Chinese government 20bet casino loginheld 20bet casino login a welcome ceremony in the Great Hall of the People for the Fourth World Women's Conference for the United Nations,Chinese President Jiang Zemin and others on the podium of the welcome ceremony

August 29, 2005,Chinese President Hu Jintao met with some foreign leaders and representatives who attended the 10th 20bet casino loginanniversary 20bet casino app of the Fourth World Women's Conference in the United Nations

The Fourth World Women's Conference passed the "Action Program",Chairman of the Conference Chairman Chen Muhua used a small mallet

Mali Ambassador to China Enzi Royko Traiore presented women's avatars for Chinese Women's and Children's Museum、headgear

Laos 20Bet online live casino 20Bet online live casinoWomen's Federation presented silver foil paintings from the National Women's Federation


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