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Modern Women's Museum

20bet casino appThe Modern 20bet casino app Women's Museum describes the consciousness of Chinese women in the history of the century and modern history.、Breathing with the nation,In the struggle to pursue national 20bet casino appdemocracy and 20Bet online live casino the liberation of the people, constantly obtains the glorious process of its own liberation。

Beijing female students who are participating in the demonstrations 20bet live casinoin the May 4th Movement   

The first female party member of the Communist Party of China Miao Boying


Group carving: The female Red Army on the Long March Road

May 20Bet online casino1938,20bet casino login Song Meiling and Lushan Talking Club part of the representative photo。

April 1949,The first National Congress of Chinese Women was held in Peiping,Established the National 20bet casino 20Bet online live casino appDemocratic Women's Federation of China。   


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