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Introduction to the exhibition hall |  Children's Pavilion |  Contemporary Children's Museum |  
Contemporary Children's Museum

Contemporary Children's Pavilion reflects the development results of New China children's cause,shows the new face of the healthy growth of contemporary children,Stimulate children to 20bet casino app 20bet casino loginunderstand history、Cherish today,Love Life、Positive upward,Effective builders and successors who work hard to grow into the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics。

1958,The Central People's Broadcasting Station Youth Broadcasting 20bet casino login Choir 20Bet online casinosings for the workers' uncle

The early 1950s,Xi'an Children's saved candy money purchased the "Children's Number" aircraft  


Lei Feng is an excellent off -campus counselor,The love of the young pioneers。The picture shows the early 1960s,Lei Feng and Young 20bet live casino 20bet casino loginPioneers are together      


January 20, 1986,The unveiling ceremony of the "China Youth Memorial" was held。Shao Pioneers representatives Yang Hailan and Wu Hong,Go to the Great Wall Station to participate in the opening ceremony。They are the first batch of 20bet casino login Chinese 20Bet online live casinoyoung pioneers who arrived in Antarctica。The picture shows that Yang Hailan and Antarctic Penguin are together


May 31, 1950 "People's Daily" editorial: "Welcome to the" June 1 "International Children's Day to further carry out children's work"


20Bet online live casino Scene Sculpture: Story Grandpa Sun Jingxiu       

1949 Movie "Three Mao Waves" released poster (flip)


Sculpture: Grassland Hero Lady  


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