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"Classic Story of the 20bet casino login 20bet live casinoParty" small painting book

In the glorious journey of the Communist Party of China for 90 years,Many excellent children and children emerged in the emergence of,They are the pride of the nation、Example of learning。To promote the in -depth development of patriotism 20Bet online live casino 20bet casino appeducation,We compiled this set of cartoon paintings in this set of "Classic Story of the Party",Vividly told the party's training,The growth experience and touching deeds of these outstanding children and children。I hope to pass this small painting 20bet casino login 20bet live casinobook,Let the little readers learn their noble quality and patriotic spirit,Cherish today's happy life,Be a good boy of the party。Future,We will also compile more stories about more outstanding children and children,Dedicated to the majority of young readers。

Chinese Women's and Children's Museum

Editor's Children's Work Department of the National Women's Federation

Heroes Commander: Cui Zhenfang

Ouyang Sea -style little hero: Dai Birong

Small Investigation Heroes:Guo Dihai

A little red flower that does not wither: Han Yujuan

Anti 20bet casino login -Union Little Heroes: Jiang Molin

Anti -Japanese Children's Regiment: Li Aimin

Wise and brave small traffic staff: Lin Senhuo

"Glory of Great Death":Liu Hulan

Prairie's little red flower: Nurguli

Wise little traffic staff: Ouyang Li'an

The youngest martyr: Song Zhenzhong

Anti 20bet live casino -Japanese National Heroes: Wang Yan

Broken Finger Little Heroes: Wen Sanyu

12 Little Warrior Blood War Zhu Jiagang: Little Ghost Class

Grassland Hero Lady: Longmei and Yu Rong

Ning Die Yuyun Children: Xie Rongze