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Father’s Ding Xing
Chinese Women's and Children's Museum

October 15, 2001,Coinco. Xi Zhongxun 88 -year -old "Mi Shou"。The family is rare to gather together,Xi Jinping, who is only 20Bet online live casino 20Bet online live casinothen the governor of Fujian Province, is absent because of busy work,So he wrote a deeply affectionate "Bai Shouxin"。

Xi Jinping wrote: "You look like an old ox,Silently working for the Chinese people。This also inspired me 20bet casino app 20bet live casinoto devote my whole life to the cause of serving the people,Reporting to raise my splendid China and father fellow。”

Xi Zhongxun reads Xi Jinping’s letter,,Also to your family、Children and relatives 20bet live 20bet casino login casinosaid: "Still work as a heavy,With national affairs as the focus。"" Serve the people,is the greatest filial piety to parents! "

Good Home Wind,connecting party wind、Political style and style。"Be a Corner 20bet 20Bet online casino casino appof the Northwest People",This is the promise that Xi Zhongxun once made。"I am the people's serviceman,It serves the people ",This is the governing concept that Xi Jinping has always practiced。

Xi Zhongxun’20bet casino login s family style 20bet casino appis a mirror、A benchmark、A textbook,His family style condenses the redness of the family as a big country。As he said to his children: "I haven't left you any wealth,But left you a good reputation。”