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Xi Jinping: Strengthen the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage, promotes the excellent traditional culture of China
Chinese Women's and Children's Museum
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Xi Jinping

Propaganda explanation Chinese characteristics,To explain the historical tradition of each country and nation、Cultural accumulation、Different national conditions,The road of development must have its own characteristics; it is clear that the Chinese culture accumulates the deepest spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation,It is the endless life of the Chinese nation、The rich nourishment of the development and growth; clearing the outstanding advantages of the Chinese nation,It is our deepest cultural soft power; explain that socialism with Chinese characteristics is rooted in Chinese culture fertile soil、Reflected the wishes of the Chinese people、Adaptation to the development and progress requirements of China and the times,It has profound historical origin and a broad reality foundation。The Chinese nation has created the long and long Chinese culture,The Chinese nation will also be able to create a new glory of Chinese culture。Unique cultural tradition,Unique historical fate,Unique basic national conditions,It is destined that we must follow the development path that is suitable for our own characteristics。For Chinese traditional culture,For foreign things,We must adhere to ancient times、Object for China,Remove Essence、Remove the truth,After being scientifically discarded, it is used by me。

(Speaking at the National Propaganda Ideological Work Conference on August 19, 2013)

There are many historical memories in our city,Especially some historic old cities,Is the most precious thing,Can't because of impetuousness、Destruction of ignorance。Some cities disassemble the authentic antiques and build a fake monument,I see a material,It is said that more than 30 cities in the country have or planned to reconstruction in ancient cities,What to do Pan Jinlian's former residence、Reconstruction of Afang Palace! There are also some places who are keen to change the place name,I like some foreign name name,such as "Manhattan"、"Venice"、"California 1886"、"Masters", etc.,Five Flowers,Is it coordinated with Chinese history and culture? Not only can the masses look foggy、inexplicable,and also cut off the place of name、Not conducive to inheriting our national culture。Not to mention that some cases are also illegal,Implementation rules for the regulations of my country's place name management clearly stipulate、Geographical name named Chinese place name。Inheritance culture is not a simple retro,Urban construction will continue to integrate modern elements,But it must be synchronized to protect and promote traditional excellent culture,Continuing urban historical context。

(Speaking at the Central Urbanization Working Conference on December 12, 2013)

June 2, 2023,General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、President of State、The Chairman of the Central Military 20Bet online live casino 20Bet online live casinoCommission Xi Jinping attended the symposium of cultural heritage in Beijing and delivered an important speech。 Xinhua News Agency reporter Ju Peng/Photo

Chinese 20bet casino login 20Bet online live casinoculture is our deepest source of improving national culture,It is an important way to improve the soft power of national culture。To make the most basic cultural genes of the Chinese nation adapt to contemporary culture、Coordinated with modern society,Seeing it with people's love、Promotion with extensive participation,Turn over time and space、Beyond the country、With eternal charm、Cultural spirit with contemporary value promotes,Inheriting the inheritance of traditional excellent culture and promoting the spirit of the times、Based on the foundation of contemporary Chinese cultural innovation based on the country and the world。We must systematically sort out traditional cultural resources,Let the cultural relics collected in the Forbidden Palace、Heritage displayed on the vast land、Texts written in ancient books are alive。

(Speaking during the 12th collective study of the 18th Central Political Bureau on December 30, 2013)

Each civilization continues the mental blood of a country and nation,Need to be passed on with salary fire、Guardian for generations,More needs to keep pace with the times、Courageous Innovation。The Chinese people are in the process of realizing the Chinese dream,will be based on the new progress of the times,Promote the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese civilization,Activate its vitality,Turn over time and space、Beyond the country、With eternal charm、Cultural spirit with contemporary value promotes,Let the cultural relics collected in the museum、Heritage displayed on the vast land、Texts written in ancient books are alive,Let the colorful civilization created by the Chinese civilization with the people of all countries in the world,Provide humans with correct spiritual guidance and strong spiritual motivation。

(Lecture at the headquarters of the United Nations Education Organization Headquarters in Paris, France on March 27, 2014)

I have said,Urban Construction,Let residents look at the mountains、Visit the water、Remember to live in nostalgia。"Remember to live in nostalgia",It is necessary to protect and promote Chinese excellent traditional culture,Continuing urban historical context,Keep the Chinese Cultural Gene。To protect the cultural heritage left by the predecessors,Including cultural relics and historic sites,History and Cultural City、Famous Town、Mingcun,History block、Historical Building、Industrial Heritage,and intangible cultural heritage,Can't engage in "Demolition True Sites、Fake antiques "are stupid things。Both protection of ancient buildings,It is also necessary to protect modern architecture; it is necessary to protect the single building,It is also necessary to protect the streets and streets、Urban pattern;,It is also necessary to protect folklore with strong rustic dwellings and local characteristics。

(Speaking at the Central Urban Work Conference on December 20, 2015)

Cultural relics carrying splendid civilization,Inheritance History and Culture,Maintain the national spirit,It is a valuable heritage left by the ancestors,It is a deep nourishment for strengthening the construction of socialist spiritual civilization。Protection of cultural relics in contemporary、Profit in Qianqiu。

(March 23, 2016 on the instructions of cultural relics)


October 10th to 13th, 2023,General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、President of State、The Chairman of the Central Military 20Bet online live casino 20Bet online live casinoCommission Xi Jinping inspected in Jiangxi。This is the morning of the 11th,Xi Jinping inspects the site of the historical and cultural district of Taoyangli, Taoyangli, Jingdezhen City。 Xinhua News Agency reporter Xie Huanchi/Photo

The Chinese nation has a long history,The source of the Chinese civilization is long,Chinese culture is extensive and profound,A museum is a university。Museum construction should pay attention to features。The Road to the Sea is an important way to develop a country,Cultural relics displayed around the ancient maritime Silk Road here are all history、is culture。Let the cultural relics speak,Let history speak,Let culture speak。To strengthen the protection and use of cultural relics,Strengthen historical research and inheritance,Make Chinese excellent traditional culture continuously carry forward the light。To enhance cultural self -confidence,Develop advanced socialist culture on the basis of inheriting the excellent traditional culture of China,Accelerate the construction of a socialist cultural power country。

(Speaking during the inspection in Guangxi on April 19, 2017)

We want to dig in depth、Inheritance、Innovative excellent traditional local culture。Let the tangible rural culture be left,Fully excavate the farming characteristics、National Features、material cultural heritage of regional characteristics,Increase the ancient town、Ancient Village、Ancient architecture、National Village、Cultural relics and monuments、The protection of agricultural relics。Let the living local culture be passed on,Deepen the folk art、Opera Music、Handmade skills、National Clothing、Folk Customs and other intangible cultural heritage。It is necessary to organically combine the protection, inheritance, and development,Combining the excellent heritage of my country's farming civilization and the elements of modern civilization,Give new era connotation,Let Chinese excellent traditional culture endless,Let my country's long -established farming civilization show its charm and style in the new era。

(Speaking at the Central Rural Work Conference on December 28, 2017)

my country is a unified multi -ethnic country,The Chinese nation is formed by the continuous exchanges of multi -ethnic groups。Chinese civilization is rooted in and different multi -ethnic culture fertile soil,Long history,is the only interruption in the world、Civilization that has been developed to this day。We must pay attention to the protection and inheritance of ethnic minority culture,Support and support non -material cultural heritage such as "Gesa (Si) Er",Cultivate the inheritor,One generation and one generation next、Passing。To guide people to establish the correct view of history、Cultural view、Ethics、Cultural view,Continuously consolidate the identity of the people of all ethnic groups for the great motherland、Agreement to the Chinese nation、Agreement to the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics。

(Speaking during the inspection in Inner Mongolia on July 15, 2019)

Research and promoting Dunhuang culture,Both the philosophical thoughts behind Dunhuang culture and historical relics must be tapped、Humanities、Value concept、Moral specifications, etc.,Promote the creative conversion of Chinese excellent traditional culture、Innovative development,It is also necessary to reveal the cultural spirit of the Chinese nation.、Cultural mind and cultural 20bet casino appself -confidence,20bet casino login Provide spiritual support for adhering to and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era。To strengthen support and support for the protection of national essence and the protection of intangible cultural heritage,Strengthen the study of the historical and culture of ethnic minorities,Casting the consciousness of the Chinese nation community。

(Speaking during the discussion at the Dunhuang Research Institute on August 19, 2019)

Archaeological relics and historical cultural relics are the testimony of history,It must be protected、Use it well。To establish and improve the management system for asset management of historical and cultural heritage resources,Building a big database of national cultural relic resources,Strengthen cultural relics resource census in related fields、List published a coordinated guidance,Strengthening technical support,Guide society to participate。To protect historical and cultural heritage in the first place,At the same time, use it reasonably,Make it providing public cultural services、Meet the people's spiritual and cultural life needs to give full play to the role。To improve the non -moving cultural relics protection mechanism,Incorporate cultural relics protection management into the preparation and implementation of land and space planning。To formulate "Archeology、System design and supporting policy,Land for the existence of historical and cultural relics,Completion of archeological surveys in accordance with the law、Exploration、Do not use it before excavation。Teaching lessons from major cultural relics disaster accidents at home and abroad,Supervisor Implement the main responsibility,Strengthening hidden dangers,Enhance the protection ability of historical and cultural heritage。To strengthen law enforcement inspectors,Specific reporting process,Strict cracking down on cultural relic crimes。

(Speaking in the 23rd collective study of the 19th Central Political Bureau on September 28, 2020)

Revolutionary cultural relics carrying the glory of the party and the people's heroic struggle,Record the great journey and touching deeds of the Chinese revolution,It is a valuable wealth of the party and the country,It is promoting revolutionary tradition and revolutionary culture、Strengthen the construction of socialist spiritual civilization、Stimulate patriotic enthusiasm、Vivid textbooks of exciting national spirit。
Strengthen the protection and utilization of revolutionary cultural relics,Promoting revolutionary culture,Inheritance Red Gene,It is the common responsibility of the whole party and the whole society。Party committees and governments at all levels must include the protection and utilization of revolutionary cultural relics into important schedules,Increase work strength,Effectively protect the revolutionary cultural relics、Management、Use well,Give full play to the study and education of revolutionary cultural relics in party history、Revolutionary Traditional Education、Patriotic education and other important role,Stimulate the spiritual power of the masses of cadres,Confidence is 100 times the comprehensive construction of a socialist modernization country、Struggle to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。

(instructions for the work of revolutionary cultural relics in March 2021)


February 1st to 2nd, 2024,General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、President of State、Xi Jinping, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, came to Tianjin,20bet casino appViewing and condolences at grassroots 20bet casino app cadres and masses。This is the morning of the 2nd,Xi Jinping at the Battle Memorial Hall of Pingjin。 Xinhua News Agency reporter Ju Peng/Photo

Red resources are witnesses of our party's hard and brilliant struggle.,Is the most precious spiritual wealth,Be sure to protect it with affection、Management、Use well。First, to strengthen scientific protection。Red resources are non -renewable、Unsable precious resources,Protection is the primary task。Responsible for history、Attitude to the people,Deepen the special survey of red resources,Strengthen the red site、Revolutionary cultural relics protection work,Coordinate rescue protection and preventive protection、Ontology protection and peripheral protection、Single point protection and cluster protection。The second is to carry out system research。Coordinated research force,Strengthen research plan,Actively carry out rescue of revolutionary historical materials、Research work,Strengthening revolutionary history research,Deepen the ideological connotation behind red resources,Deepen the ideological connotation behind red resources、mainstream essence,Banner clearly oppose and resist historical nihilism。Third, to create a boutique exhibition Chen。Perseverance、Thought、Unified artistic phase,Take good direction、Focus on theme,Talk with historical facts,Focus on creating a high -quality boutique exhibition Chen,Enhanced expression、Communication power、Influence,Vividly spread red culture。Fourth is to strengthen education function。Around the revolution、Construction、Reform major events in various historical periods、Major nodes,Research determines a batch of important logos,Tell the story of the party、Revolutionary Story、Hero's story,Demonstrate the characteristics of the times,Make it an educator、Inspiration、Universities of shaping people。Education activities that meet the characteristics of young people,Build a distinctive revolutionary traditional education、Patriotic Education、Junior ideological and moral education base,Guide them to build red ideals in their hearts from childhood。

(Speaking in the 31st collective study of the 19th Central Political Bureau on June 25, 2021)

To strengthen the protection and use of cultural relics and the protection of cultural heritage,Improve the level of cultural relics and explanations and display the level of communication,Let the cultural relics really live,Become a deep nourishment for strengthening the construction of socialist spiritual civilization,An important business card for becoming an international influence of China Culture。

(speech at the 22nd meeting of the Central Committee of the Central Committee on November 24, 2021)

Historical and cultural heritage carries the genes and blood of the Chinese nation,Not only belongs to our generation,Also belongs to the descendants。Wandering history、Awe Fei Culture、Awe Ecology,Comprehensive protection of historical and cultural heritage,Coordinate tourism development、Featured operation、Ancient City Protection,Building a safe bottom line of cultural relics,Guarding the valuable wealth left by the predecessors。

(Speaking during the inspection in Jinzhong, Shanxi on January 27, 2022)

Let more cultural relics and cultural heritage live,Create a strong social atmosphere inherited the Chinese civilization。Cultural Relics and Cultural Heritage carries the genes and blood of the Chinese nation,It is not renewable、Unsable 20bet casino loginChina Excellent Civilized Resources。20bet casino app We must actively promote the protection and use of cultural relics and cultural heritage protection,Digging multiple values ​​of cultural relics and cultural heritage,spread more to carry Chinese culture、Value symbols and cultural products of Chinese spirit。
Chinese Communists are not historical nihilles、Cultural nihilist,Can't count the ancestors、Self -Philippines。Leading cadres at all levels must be in awe of history、Awely excellent traditional culture,Attach importance to the protection of cultural relics and the protection of cultural heritage,Study for history and archeologists、Learning for further studies、Training and exchange provides more policy support。To create a strong social atmosphere that inherits Chinese civilization,Research results such as extensively promoting the Chinese civilization exploration source project,Education guides the masses, especially young people to better understand and recognize Chinese civilization,Enhance the ambition of being Chinese、Bone Qi、Qi。

(speech on May 27, 2022 at the 39th collective study of the 19th Central Political Bureau)

Chinese civilization is extensive and profound、Yuanyuan Long,It is formed by the flow of the excellent culture of various ethnic groups。To strengthen the history of the Chinese nation community、Study on the multi -in -one pattern of the Chinese nation,Fully excavate and effectively use the historical facts of the interaction of various ethnic groups in Xinjiang、Archaeological physical objects、Cultural relics,It is clear that Xinjiang has been an indiscriminate part of my country since ancient times.,Xinjiang ethnic groups are connected by the Chinese nation's large family、Important members of Fate and Communist Party。To strengthen the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage,Make forward the outstanding traditional culture of all ethnic groups。

(Speaking during the inspection in Xinjiang on July 13, 2022)


July 29, 2023,General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、President of State、The Chairman of the Central Military 20Bet online live casino 20Bet online live casinoCommission Xi Jinping on the way to return to Beijing at the end of Sichuan,Come to Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province for inspection。This is Xi Jinping's visit to the Hanzhong Museum related historical cultural relics exhibition。 Xinhua News Agency reporter Ju Peng/Photo


Oracle unearthed from Yin Ruins preserved the text 3000 years ago,It has been promoted up to about 1,000 years up。Yinxu, I have long been longing for for a long time,It has been promoted up to about 1,000 years up,In ancient times,Provide reference for better building the modern civilization of the Chinese nation。Chinese characters in China are very amazing,The formation and development of the Chinese nation cannot be separated from the maintenance of Chinese characters。In this regard,Archaeological Division of Division to Live Gong。Archaeological work should continue to pay attention and strengthen,Continue to deepen the Chinese civilization exploration source project。The source of the Chinese civilization is long,Never interrupted,shaped our great nation,This nation will still be great。Discovery through cultural relics、Research and Protection,Better to inherit excellent traditional culture。

(Speaking during Examination in Anyang, Henan, Henan, Henan)

Asia is an important birthplace of human civilization,Breeding and retaining extremely rich cultural heritage,Written a chapter of the history of the development of world civilization。2019,I initiated the Protection of Asian Cultural Heritage at the Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference。For 20bet live casino4 years,20bet live casino Active response from all parties、Common efforts,Research in ancient civilization、Joint Archeology、Repair of historic sites、Museum communication and other aspects to carry out pragmatic cooperation,Make a new contribution to the essence of human civilization。
The establishment of the Asian Cultural Heritage Protection Alliance,It is conducive to strengthening the protection of Asian cultural heritage,Deepen Asian civilization exchange,Prosperous World Civilization Hundred Garden,Contribute to the progress of human civilization。China is willing to be under the alliance framework,Working with Asian countries to strengthen the exchange of cultural heritage protection experience,Actively promote international cooperation in the field of cultural heritage,Build a global civilized dialogue cooperation network,Promote the blind date of the people of all countries,Jointly promote the development and progress of human civilization。

(Congratulations to the Asian Cultural Heritage Conference Conference on April 25, 2023)

There are many valuable cultural relics in the museum and even "national treasure",They have evidenced the history of human beings in my country、The cultural history of 10,000 years、History of civilization for more than 5,000 years,It is necessary to implement the China Civilization Source Project,Leading the historical research of Chinese civilization to in -depth。We must conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee about persistent protection of protection.、Strengthen management、Digging value、Effective use、Work requirements for the living of cultural relics,Comprehensive improvement of cultural relics protection and utilization and cultural heritage protection and inheritance level。

(Speaking during the inspection in Yuncheng, Shanxi on May 16, 2023)

Twenty -one
The Chinese nation has a long and excellent traditional culture,Since ancient times, there have been open tolerance、The culture of both collection and accommodation,Chinese civilization has always appreciated the mutual understanding and respect between different civilizations。Beijing has a long history,Wenmai long,It is the continuity of Chinese civilization、Innovation、Unity、tolerance、powerful testimony of peace。China will better give play to the advantages of Beijing as the ancient capital of history and the national cultural center,Strengthen cultural exchange with all over the world,Jointly promote cultural prosperity and development、Protection of Cultural Heritage、Civilized exchange and mutual learning,Practice global civilization initiative,Injects deep and long -lasting cultural power to promote the construction of a community of human destiny。

(Congratulations to the 2023 Beijing Cultural Forum on September 14, 2023)

Twenty -two
The world is composed of colorful civilization,China is one of the oldest history and culture in the world。China is willing to cooperate closer to the United Nations Teaching and Science Organization,Constantly improving heritage protection capabilities and levels,Promoting various civilization communication and mutual learning、Tolerant cooperation,Help the world peace,Promote the construction of a community of human destiny。

(Speaking of the UNESCO Azulai on September 28, 2023)
※ This is the relevant secretary of Xi Jinping from August 2013 to September 2023 on strengthening the protection and inheritance of cultural 20bet live casinoheritage,20Bet online casino Him promoting an important exposition of Chinese excellent traditional culture。

Source: "Seeking" 2024/08