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Regarding the widely solicited notice to the society about women and children's cultural relics

The Chinese Women's and Children's Museum is the first national special 20bet casino app museum in my country with 20Bet 20Bet online casino online live casino The theme of women and children,Since its establishment,Get widespread attention and strong support from all walks of society。In order to further expand the collection of cultural relics,Rich Tibetan Types,20Bet online casino Improve 20bet casino login the collection level,Now widely solicited cultural relics related to women and children:

1. Various cultural relics that reflect women's identity and status in the past

2. The works of female painters and painters of all ages

3、20Bet 20Bet online casino online live casino The theme of women and 20bet live casino children in the past、Various cultural relics with the image of women and children

4、Reflecting women in the country、Various physical and information that plays an important role in major historical events

5. All 20bet live casino kinds of ethnic minority women and children related items

6. Various items reflecting women and children's folk culture

7. The work of the female successor of the intangible cultural heritage

8、Modern female artist、Educator、Craft 20Bet online live casino Master、Social activists and other outstanding 20bet live casino women's real objects and works

Contact Department: Ministry of Cultural Relics

Contact number: 010-65126655

mailbox: ww651035@126.com