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The Chinese Women's and Children's Museum Collection Donation Reward Awards
Chinese Women's and Children's Museum

The first article  To encourage natural persons at home and abroad、Legal person and other organizations donate cultural relics to the Chinese Women's 20Bet online live casino 20bet casino appand Children's Museum,Promoting the effective development of women and children's museums in China、Collection of cultural relics related to children,According to the "Donation Method of the People's Republic of China Public Welfare Insurance"、The Cultural Relics Protection Law of the People's Republic of China and the "Measures for Cultural Relics Collection of Chinese Women's and Children's Museum" and other relevant regulations,Formulate this method。

Second article  Receives 20bet casino appreferred 20bet live casino to in these Measures,refers to the Chinese Women's and Children's Museum to donate to the museum related women、The spiritual rewards and material rewards given by the unit or individual of children's cultural relics。

Article 3  The principles of voluntary and free to accept cultural relic donations,Must provide the owner's active donation voucher,Signed the "Donation Agreement"。

Article 4  When receiving cultural relics donation,It should be collected according to 20Bet online casinothe cultural relics of our 20Bet online casino museum,The selection of the collection of the collection of the collection,True falseness for the proposed donation cultural relics identification、Review of the connotation、Assessment value,Put forward whether to accept donations and give rewards,Director of the President of the Newspaper Decisions。The items that do not match the standards for cultural relics of our museum,Should explain the situation to the donor patient,Gong words to decline。

Article 5  According to the decision 20bet casino login of the curator's office,Donors to donate cultural relics more or important cultural relics,Can be rewarded in the following aspects:

(1) The Chinese Women's and Children's Museum issues a collection certificate or donation certificate to the donor;

(2) The donation awards ceremony for the donor;

(3) Public commendation and publicity through media such as newspapers;

(4) Hold a personal donation cultural relic exhibition for the donor.

Article 6  According to the decision 20bet casino login of the curator's office,20bet casino loginDonors 20bet casino login who have a large number of cultural relics with a collection of collections can be given a certain number of bonus rewards。Bulletin to the donor,Appropriate compensation for material fees。

Article 7  The selection of the collection of the collection of the collection、The director's office meeting approves consent to accept donations、After the reward is given,The Ministry of Cultural Relics should complete the donation of the donation with the donor、Clear work,Fill in the complete list。

Article 8  For the Reception Committee of the Collection of Our Museum、The curator's office will determine the reward of the donor of the donation that can be received,Applicable this Measures。

Article 9  These measures are approved by the CEO of the Chinese Women's and Children's Museum and are responsible for explanation。

These measures will be implemented from February 1, 2013.